Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The perfect bracelet

In my mind... this is the perfect bracelet. Perfect for someone like me. An every day mom who wants to wear something fun but doesn't want to be too dressed up. I LOVE this bracelet because it's simple and casual yet makes a little statement. I adore grey and gold together. The roping brings back childhood memories of the weaved bracelets I used to make with friends. Order here for $16.90.


  1. nord bp has them for 12. I just grabbed one last night.

  2. I got the one from BP that is similar with a white rope, copper colored metal and bigger rhinestones for $8 a few months ago. But I love the color of this one with smaller rhinestones and thin strings instead of ropes. Did they have something close to this one now? My one from Nords just doesn't look as nice.